NUS Law is 1st runners-up at International Negotiation Competition 2018


The NUS Law team emerged as tied first runners-up in the recent International Negotiation Competition (INC) 2018. The team consisted of Janessa Sit Mei Hui ’18 and Cheng Le En Leanne ’19.

The INC is the oldest and most renowned competition focusing on international legal negotiation for law students from all over the world. INC 2018 was held in Cardiff, Wales, and hosted by the University of Cardiff. It also saw 28 teams competing from around the world.

This year, the competition consisted of three rounds: two rounds of two-party negotiations, and one round of four-party negotiation. In keeping with the spirit of Wales, the negotiations centered on the organisation of a spectacular “eisteddfod” – a Welsh arts and music festival. The team represented Singapore to negotiate with teams from Denmark, Qatar, Scotland, Russia and India. The competition was an invaluable opportunity for the team to develop and hone their negotiation skills, as well as to learn from different negotiating styles and meet like-minded individuals from all around the world.

The team would like to express their sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone who helped them throughout their journey leading up to the competition, in particular:

  Their coach, Professor Joel Lee, for his constant guidance, support and patience throughout the training and competition
  The INC Alumni for their invaluable advice and time taken to coach the team: Chia Lyn Lynn ’02, Charmian Aw ’05, Rachel Lim ’14, Lin Wenrong ’08, Marcus Lim ’12, Nirev Shah ’10, Eddy Hirono ’13, Peh Zu Hao ’13, Zulhafni Zulkeflee ’15, Too Fang Yi ’16, Abhi Mohan ’17 and Chester Tan ’17
  NUS Law and the Dean’s Office for their generous support for the team and for INC teams before them
  The ICC Melbourne 2018 team for accompanying the team in their journey towards better negotiation: Agnes Lo ’19, Daniel Foo ’19, Samuel Teo ’21, Tan Su ’20.