Graduation Ceremony 2018: Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law

Graduation Ceremony 2018: Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law


Congratulations to GCIP Class of 2018 on the conferment of their Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law!

Jointly organised by the IP Academy (Singapore) and the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore since 2003, the Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law Programme is a foundation law course suitable for those training to become registered patent agents in Singapore. The successful completion of this certification course is one of the pre-requisites for admission onto the register of patent agents in Singapore.

At the GCIP Graduation Ceremony held on 20 October 2018, IP Academy and NUS Law jointly graduated the 15th and final batch of GCIP students. The following are the 43 graduates who received their well-deserved Graduate Certificates:

Cayden Pang Pee Wee

Li Yongni

Sowmylakshana Gururaj

Chan Ying Kiu

Lily Maria Hidayat

Tan Bing-Shi, Ariel

Choo Ai Ling Joanna

Lim Meng Wei

Tan Li Kiang

Chu Lip Wei

Liu Shuwei

Tang Lay Yin

Derek Koh

Loh Kejun, Joanna

Tay Hui Huang

Guan Qiqi

Lu Yang

Tou Zhi Qiang (Du Zhiqiang)

Heng Wei Lyn Sarah

Mark Lam Tiam Weng

Untung Edy Rusbandi

Ho Soon Hong Alan

Muhammad Hilmi Bin Mohamed Zaini

Wang Xinchen

James Appleby

Ng Yan Yun Evangeline

Wang Yingsong

Kenneth Wong Hok Sum

Niftazieska Martharooshanti Nadhia Gotama

Wu Zhexuan

Kho Choon Joo

Peter Ferdinand Haywood

Xu Gangqin

Kwek Xiao Xuan

Poh Siew Wee Candy

Yue Mun Yew Gary

Lau Jun Jie

Ryan David Lim Jiayong

Zhang Yiliu

Lee Ai Peng

Sachin Seshadri Sreepathy


Lew Cheong Yee

Shikha Ojha


Since the inception of the programme in 2001 at NUS Law (NUS Law was the sole course provider for 2 years until 2003), the programme has produced over 500 graduates trained in intellectual property law to date. NUS Law will be looking into launching new Graduate Programmes in IP Law in the near future.

The Asian Patent Attorneys Association Singapore Group awards a cash prize of S$1,000 to the top student in the GCIP Course. This year’s recipient was Mr Kenneth Wong. “The GCIP course provided an intensive but very valuable insight into intellectual property laws, primarily in Singapore but also touching on the vagaries of IP laws in other jurisdictions. This experience added greatly to my understanding of the field and allowed me to better support my organisation. The experience was further enhanced by the opportunity to network with fellow IP practitioners,” said Mr Wong.

Addressing the Graduating Class, Vice Dean (Academic Affairs) and Director (Intellectual Property), EW Barker Centre for Law & Business, Professor David Tan said: “Innovation is usually disruptive, sometimes uncomfortable, frequently inconvenient … and always unavoidable. But when properly harnessed and strategically nurtured, it can also create unexpected opportunities, new revenue streams and consumption behaviours ... I hope NUS Law and the IP Academy have equipped you – through the courses offered in the GCIP program – with a set of relevant skills and useful knowledge on the start of your IP journey in the 21st century.”

We wish the GCIP Class of 2018 every success in their future!

The GCIP Class of 2018 with Mr Kok Kitt-Wai (IP Academy Executive Director (Programmes)), Professor David Tan (Vice Dean (Academic Affairs), NUS Law), Ms Winnie Tham (Singapore President, Asian Patent Attorneys Association)

Professor David Tan (Vice Dean (Academic Affairs), NUS Law) presenting the graduate certificate to GCIP Graduate, Ms Shikha Ojha

Best student, Mr Kenneth Wong receiving the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, Singapore Group Prize from Ms Winnie Tham

GCIP Graduates who have spent an entire year pursuing the GCIP Course together – Ms Lee Ai Peng, Mr Kho Choon Joo, Mr Peter Ferdinand Haywood, Mr Mark Lam Tiam Weng & Ms Lily Maria Hidayat

GCIP Graduates, Mr Wu Zhexuan, Ms Kwek Xiao Xuan & Ms Ng Yan Yun Evangeline posing for a wefie