Moots Spotlight: May to July 2019

One of the valuable educational experiences an NUS Law student can have is to represent the university in mooting competitions. Here some of our students’ achievements in competitions from May to July 2019.

V NLS Negotiation, Mediation and Client Consulting Competition 

L-R: Abel George ’21, Lai Shueh Chien ’21 and Utsav Rakshit ’21

Congratulations to Utsav Rakshit ’21, Lai Shueh Chien ’21 and Abel George ’21 for emerging as Runners-up for Mediation (Client Attorney) at the V NLS Negotiation, Mediation and Client Consulting Competition (NLS NMC) in Bengaluru, India from 9 to 12 May 2019.

The NLS NMC was started in 2015 and is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) competitions.

The team would like to thank Marcus Lim ’12, Ahvineesh Nanoo ’20, Mark Lim ’19, Joseph Lim ’19, Shao Xun ’19, Victoria Tay ’20, Samuel Wittberger ’21, Samuel Teo ’21, Dikaios Pang ’21 and Jeremy Teo ’21.

BlackOak Transactional Negotiation Competition

L-R: Suraj Bagalkoti ’22, Shayna Robinson ’22 and Darren Chen ’22

Congratulations to Darren Chen ’22, Shayna Robinson ’22 and Suraj Bagalkoti ’22 who emerged as Champions of the BlackOak Transactional Negotiation 2019. Shayna Robinson also received the award for Best Negotiator.

Hosted by the SMU Corporate and Commercial Law Club from 22 to 30 May 2019, the competition is structured in a manner that tests participants’ negotiating mettle by requiring them to reach a compromise amongst various creditors.

The team of Kwok Wai Kit ’21, Lay Chang Yao ’21, Darryl Lau ’21 and Trixie Ng ’21 also emerged as First Runners-up in the competition.

International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition

L-R: Daryl Tan ’19, Samuel Tay ’19, Hidayat Amir ’19 and Ahvineesh Nanoo ’20

Congratulations to Ahvineesh Nanoo ’20, Daryl Tan ’19, Hidayat Amir ’19 and Samuel Tay ’19 for their commendable performance in the 2019 International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition (ICCMCC) held in The Hague, Netherlands on 7 June 2019.

The ICCMCC is widely regarded as the largest and most competitive Moot Court Competition on International Criminal Law. After seven rounds of intense competition where the NUS Law team drew both of the eventual finalists, the team finished as Quarter-finalists.

The team wishes to express its gratitude to coaches Audie Wong ’16, Nicole Chee ’16, Shane Sim ’15, as well as Seah Wang Ting ’14 and Kristy Teo ’14, for their time, effort and invaluable guidance. They would also like to thank Associate Professor Eleanor Wong ’85 (Vice Dean (Student Life & Global Relations)), Professor Alan Tan ’93, Sonita Jeyapathy ’03, Matthew Seet ’12, Romesh Weeramantry, Matthew Brown, Andrew Foo and ICC alumni Pavithra Ramkumar ’18, Phoebe Tan ’18, Sumedha Madhusudhanan ’18, Terence De Silva ’18, Jean Chan ’17, Samyata Ravindran ’18, Nigel Yap ’15 and Hari Veluri ’15.

 IBA-VIAC Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition Vienna

L-R: Tan Pei Han ’22 and Eu Shae-Yenne ’22

Congratulations to Eu Shae-Yenne ’22 and Tan Pei Han ’22 for placing in the top four under the Mediator category at the IBA-VIAC Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition (CDRC) Vienna 2019. This is only the second time NUS Law has advanced past the preliminaries in this category.

Held from 6 to 10 July in Vienna, Austria at the University of Vienna in Juridicum, the team underwent a rigorous application process to be selected by CDRC. The team competed against 11 teams from different countries that included the United States, United Kingdom and India.

The team would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to their coach Professor Lim Lei Theng ’92 for her invaluable guidance, and Professor Joel Lee, Marcus Lim ’12, Mark Lim ’19, Leanne Cheng ’19, and Samuel Teo ’21 for their dedication and help.

The team would also like to thank the ICC Melbourne Team 2019 team (Joelle Loy ’20, Darren Wong ’21, Darryl Lau ’21, Isabella Tan ’21) and the International Mediation Singapore 2019 team (Victoria Tay ’20, Ahvineesh Nanoo ’20, Tay Hui Lyi ’21, Dikaios Pang ’21, and Bay Jia Wei ’22) for their assistance in preparation.