Visiting Professors in Semester 1, Academic Year 2011-2012

The Faculty warmly welcomes the following Visiting Professors for Semester 1 of AY 2011-12:


CHEN Jianfu (LL4100/LL5100/LL6100 Dispute Resolution in China)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 8-26 August 2011

Office : FED #02-29
Tel No : (65) 6516 4107
User ID : lawv135

Professor Chen is a Professor at School of Law, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. He has held several posts as professorial fellows/ visiting professors at universities in China and Europe. He teaches international business law and human rights law and has published widely on Chinese law and comparative law.


Andrew CHRISTIE (LL4216/LL5216/LL6216 Cyber Law)
Yong Shook Lin Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 29 August – 16 September 2011

Office : ETS #02-16
Tel No : (65) 6516 4277
User ID : lawv137

Professor Christie is a Professor at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne. He was the founding Director of the Intellectual Property Institute of Australia (IPRIA), a national centre for multi-disciplinary research in the law, economics and management of intellectual property, established at the University of Melbourne in 2002. He has received national and international recognition for his excellence in teaching and research. In July 2005, he was identified by the leading international magazine Managing IP as one of the world’s 50 most influential people in intellectual property.


Franco FERRARI (LL4027/LL5027/LL6027 International & Comparative Law of Sale)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 8-26 August 2011

Office : ETS #02-16
Tel No : (65) 6516 4277
User ID : lawv103

Professor Ferrari is currently a Full Professor of International Law at the Verona University School of Law, Italy. He is an Inge Rennert Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law and Director for Center Transnational Litigation and Commercial Law at the New York University School of Law, USA. He has been teaching at the NUS Faculty of Law as a Visiting Professor since 2007.


Benjamin GEVA (LL4211/LL5211/LL6211 International Public, Monetary, Payment and Settlement Systems Law)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 8 – 26 August 2011

Office : ETS #02-22
Tel No : (65) 6516 5418
User ID : lawv132

Professor Geva is a Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in Toronto. He specialized in Commercial, Financial and Banking Law (particularly payment and credit instruments, electronic banking and the regulation of the payment system), Legal History and comparative aspects of private law subjects.


Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 11 August – 10 September 2011

Office : CIL office
Tel No : (65) 6516 4103
User ID : lawv106

Professor Harding is Professor of Asia-Pacific Legal Relations at the Faculty of Law of the University of Victoria. Professor Harding started his teaching career at the NUS Faculty of Law in the 1980s. He is a former Head of Department and Professor of Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, and Chair of the SOAS Centre of South East Asian Studies.


Rutsel MARTHA (LL4153/LL5153/LL6153 International Police Enforcement Cooperation)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 11-28 August 2011

Office : FED #02-06
Tel No : (65) 6516 1519
User ID : lawv105

Dr Martha is currently General Counsel of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (Rome, Italy), which is the specialized agency responsible for investment in food production and agricultural development in developing countries. Previously he was the General Counsel at the International Criminal Police Organization in France. He was an adjunct Professor of Law at the Washington College of Law (American University, Washington, D.C.) in the year 1998 to 1989 and member of the Legal Department of the International Monetary Fund from 1987 to 1990.


Carrie MENKEL-MEADOW (LL4179/LL5179/LL6179 International Alternative Dispute Resolution)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 8-26 August 2011

Office : FED #01-05E
Tel No : (65) 6516 6630/7373
User ID : lawv133

Professor Menkel-Meadow is a Professor of Law and Founding Faculty at Irvine Law School of the University of California. She is also an A.B. Chettle, Jr. Professor of Dispute Resolution and Civil Procedure at Georgetown University Law center and a Director at Georgetown-Hewlett Program on Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving.


Ronald NOBLE (LL4153/LL5153/LL6153 International Police Enforcement Cooperation)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 11-24 August 2011

Office : FED #02-10
Tel No : (65) 6516 4279
User ID : lawv104

Professor Noble is a tenured Professor of Law at New York University School of Law, on leave of absence while serving as Interpol’s Secretary General. An expert on federal criminal law as well as international law enforcement, he served as assistant secretary for enforcement at the U.S. Treasury Department and then as the Treasury’s undersecretary for enforcement.


Roderick BAGSHAW (LL4212/LL5212/LL6212 Comparative Tort Reform)
Visiting Associate Professor
Visiting Period: 8 August – 30 September 2011

Office : FED #02-23
Tel No : (65) 6516 3620
User ID : lawv134

Professor Bagshaw is a Tutor and Fellow in Law of Magdalen College in Oxford since October 2002. From October 1994 to October 2002, he was a CUF Lecturer in Law of University of Oxford. He specialises in Administrative Law, Constitutional Law and Tort Law. He is also the Chair of the Conference of Colleges Appeal Tribunal.


Djakhongir SAIDOV (LL4214/LL5214/LL6214 International & Comparative Oil and Gas Law)
Visiting Senior Fellow
Visiting Period: 8 August – 1 September 2011

Office : FED #02-32
Tel No : (65) 6516 4246
User ID : lawv136

Dr Saidov is a Senior Lecturer at Birmingham Law School in UK. He specialises in English Law of International Sale of Goods and International & Comparative Oil & Gas Law. He is presently the Director of the Taught Postgraduate Programmes (LLM) in University of Birmingham. He was invited to teach at University of World Economy and Diplomacy and Tashkent State Juridical Institute in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.