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Name University of Turin
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Department of Law - University of Turin can be traced back to the establishment of the University of Turin, i1 1404, and has followed its developments over the ensuing six centuries.

The new institution, which initially only held courses in civil and canon law, was authorized to confer both thie academic "licentia" and "doctoratus" titles which were later to become a single "laurea" (degree) title. In 1436, ducal licenses established the three core faculties of Theology, Arts and Medicine, as well as Civil and Canon law.

The Department of Law is located in Turin in the midtown. It is one of the leading law faculties in Europe, with particular strengths in the fields of comparative law and private law. Additionally, the Department of Law has improved its physical facilities (including international exchange programs with a number of the world's leading research universities). Department of Law coordinates the research work of more than 120 law professors in the different areas of law.