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Name Guangdong University of Finance and Economics
Address Luntou Road 21, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, CHINA
Join Date 30/05/2017
GDUFE Law School was founded and started to enroll undergraduate students in 1993. The Law School has grown steadily in sizes and in the range of subjects. Our 95 School members, 81 of which are teaching staff, and 48 of which hold Ph.D degree, demonstrate a wide-range of professional experiences in almost every aspect of Chinese law and its history, international law, legal philosophy and criminology, and engage themselves intensively in influential social events and legal community.

GDUFE Law School was among the first group of law schools in China, being designated by the Ministry of Education and Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs, as the “Education Base” for “Outstanding Talents in Law”-a government honor bestowed upon China’s finest institutions. Our Law School is generally considered the largest in Guangdong and has 1820 full-time undergraduate students and 389 post-graduate students. Four degrees are available in Law, the BA, LL.B, LL.M (academic master degree programs), and J.M (Juris Master, professional master degree programs). Over the past decade, the Law School has cultivated and trained 5922 graduates who have practiced law and played an active role in our society. Our graduates are prominent in legal professions, in the judiciary and civil service, many of which found employment in China Supreme People’s Court, Higher People’s Court, Provincial People's Procuratorate and legal departments of the civil services.