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Name Parahyangan Catholic University
Address Parahyangan Catholic University, Gedung 2 Jalan Ciumbuleuit, Bandung 40141, INDONESIA
Join Date 30/05/2018
The Faculty of Law, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan ('the Faculty') was established in 1958 as the oldest private law faculty in Indonesia. Now ranked among the most prestigious and prominent law schools in the country, some of the Faculty's academics have been widely recognised as an authority on various areas of Indonesian law, among others Prof Subekti (also past President of the Indonesian Supreme Court), Prof Wirjono Prodjodikoro and Prof Arief Sidharta.

The Faculty offers undergraduate and graduate programs in law. While there are no particular major/specialization programs for undergraduate students, the Faculty offers a wide range of subject to be taken from Constitutional and Administrative Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Criminal Law and International Law. The Faculty also facilitates various co-curricular activities for students such as national and international moot court, law debate, contract drafting and legislative drafting. Our teams have excelled and won numerous awards on national and international competitions. Until 2015, the Faculty have produced 8.688 graduates who went on to work across Indonesia as well as abroad.

The Faculty's main campus is at Ciumbuleuit, Bandung. The premise is used mostly for undergraduate program, while graduate program is held at the older campus at JI Merdeka, Bandung.