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Name Soochow University, Kenneth Wang School of Law
Address No.1 Shizi Street, Suzhou, China, 215006, CHINA
Join Date 30/05/2019
The Kenneth Wang School of Law is one of the leading institutions for legal education in Jiangsu Province. The law school focused on comparative law, with emphasis on Anglo-American Law, made it part of the famous Chinese saying, "Dongwu in the south, Chaoyang in the north" referring to China's two famous law schools. Among its graduates, there have been many famous Chinese modern and contemporary jurists, such as Wang Chonghui, Wu Jingxiong, Ni Zhengyu, Li Haopei, Pan Handian, Yang Tieliang and Qiu Shaoheng. In addition, some well-known government leaders such as Fei Xiaotong, Lei Jieqiong and Sun Qimeng were all graduated from Soochow University. The law school currently has over 60 full-time teachers, including 27 full and associate professors. The student body consists of about 475 undergraduates and 350 masters and doctoral candidates, not including international students.