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Name National Taipei University, College of Law
Address 67, Sec. 3 Ming-Shen E. Road, Taipei 104, TAIWAN
Join Date 28/10/2008
Founded in 1952, NTPU College of Law (former Department of Law) is one of the oldest and most premier law schools in Taiwan.

The College of Law traces its origin back to the Department of Judicial Administration at Taiwan Provincial College of Administration, and soon was transformed into Department of Law under College of Law and Business in 1955. In 1961, Provincial College was merged into National Chung Hsing University, and established evening courses and the master’s program in 1964.

In 2000, the College of Law and Business was separated from National Chung Hsing University and transformed into a new university—National Taipei University. At the same time, the Department of Law was transformed into College of Law.

NTPU College of Law strives to provide a suitable teaching and research environment for our faculty. As for our students, NTPU College of Law serves as a home for them to grow in academic knowledge of law and to help them to cultivate independent thinking. We expect students to gain professional knowledge through a comprehensive study both at law in theory and law in practice as well as to become legal experts, who care about the underrepresented and the issue of gender equivalence. We also expect our students act under legal ethics and have a sense of justice in mind. More importantly, we encourage our students to interact with the world and to broaden their visions.

-- NTPU College of Law provides strong professional legal trainings for students, both in theory and practice.

-- Through the high passing rate of bar and judge examination, NTPU College of Law is prominent in cultivating leaders in every field of the legal profession.

-- NTPU College of Law gives special concerns to the legal education of the underrepresented and the disabled students.