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Name Yonsei University, College of Law
Address 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Join Date 21/03/2011
Since 1885, Yonsei University has played a pivotal role in educating leaders. Yonsei Law School inherited the tradition and the proud history of the College of Law. Committed to the University’s values of truth and freedom, Yonsei Law School aims to train future legal professionals who will provide servant leadership in both the national and global arenas, as well as global legal practitioners who will have the insight and perspective to thrive in the international arena and provide innovative solution to the issues our world faces. Yonsei Law School provides a rich curriculum with diverse courses. Many of the courses are interdisciplinary in character. In an effort to maximize interdisciplinary cooperation, YLS has appointed faculty members from other departments of the University, including Sociology, Economics, Business Administration, and Medicine, as dual-affiliation professors. Eminent practitioners are also invited as adjunct professors, who infuse their professional expertise into the School and contribute to enhancing the diversity of the curriculum.

The Specialization Programs are aimed at maximizing the School’s education and research capacity in three strategic fields. The three fields are i) Public Governance and the Law (PGL), ii) Global Business and the Law (GBL), and iii) Medicine, Science, Technology and the Law (MSTL). The Programs operate mainly through the curriculum of the Law School and the activities of the Institute of Legal Studies. Students who have obtained 18 or more credits from among the courses designated for a specialization field can be certified to have completed a Specialization Program.