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Name Airlangga University, Faculty of Law
Address Dharmawangsa Dalam Selatan, Surabaya, INDONESIA
Join Date 01/06/2012
Airlangga University is the leading educational organization in East Java region. The University has been successfully placed as the 4th best university in Indonesia, 86th in Asia and 551st – 600th in the world according to QS World University Ranking 2011-2012.

The Law Faculty aims to educate and produce competent graduates with useful skills and ethics through providing quality education in their bachelor, master and doctoral programmes.

In terms of research, Airlangga University has been developing many strategic policies in

supporting the growth of research and publication. The Law Faculty facilitates many research collaborations within the university, locally and internationally. In supporting the University’s mission to be a world class university, quality publications in international journals ranks as a priority.

In terms of their community involvement, the Law Faculty provides law consultation for the community through its Legal Aid Unit and the Unit of Contract and Legal Drafting.

In terms of areas of competency, the Law Faculty has six departments - private law, criminal law, international law, basic law, administrative law and government law departments. With these wide areas of specialization, the Law Faculty has the potential to develop and conduct many research and publication to answer the legal problems in community.