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Name Shanghai Jiao Tong University, KoGuan Law School
Address KoGuan Law School, 1954 Huashan Road 200030 Shanghai, CHINA
Join Date 30/06/2013
KoGuan Law School of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University houses one of the most dynamic, passionate and distinguished law faculty in China. The KoGuan Law School offers its students – undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate alike – an outstanding teaching and research curriculum which prepare them to tackle complex practical legal issues faced in a competitive metropolis like Shanghai and beyond, ranging from administrative, commercial, financial, ocean law to arbitration. The KoGuan Law School attracts an increasing number of talented, energetic and motivated Chinese and foreign students who are capable and confident to independently provide legal and goal-oriented solutions that meet the demands of practitioners in today’s globalized world economy. While the KoGuan Law School steams those gifted students ready to become legal practitioners either for Chinese national and regional governmental authorities or for private practice in (inter)national law firms or companies at home and abroad, many students also pursue a foreign (joint) degree in one of the partner institutions like Cornell University, Emory Law School, King’s College London, Michigan University, UCLA Hastings Law School, etc.

Such international background is equally reflected in the foreign education of the KoGuan Law School’s faculty and their expanding international network through visiting fellowships at universities abroad, such as Harvard University, London School of Economics and Political Science, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, etc. Within this spirit of openness and dialogue, the KoGuan Law School reaches out nationwide, across the region and internationally to build a vibrant community of scholars and practitioners to engage interdisciplinarily with legal problems faced in this interdependent world. Much of these discussions are taking place at the numerous international events organized at the KoGuan Law School and in the variety of international publications run at its prestigious research centres, including the China Oceans Law Review and the Asian Journal of Law and Society (Cambridge University Press). Therefore, as a Center of Excellence, the KoGuan Law School imparts its students, scholars and practitioners to finding answers governed by the rule of law and informed by the socio-economic contexts in which legal issues have been raised.