ASLI Working Paper Series

Publication Title An Overview of Cybercrime Legislation and Cases in Singapore
Publisher Asian Law Institute
Series WPS001
Publication Date Dec 2008
Author/Speaker Gregor Urbas
This paper reviews Singapore's computer misuse and related offences in the Computer Misuse Act (Cap. 50A) and Penal Code (Cap. 224). The abetment and attempt provisions of these statutes allow law enforcement officers to respond effectively to a range of cybercrimes, and the extra-territorial scope of the Computer Misuse Act allows prosecution even where part of the conduct occurs outside Singapore. Sentences imposed in decided cases indicate that the misuse of computers, particularly with intent to defraud or intimidate others, is punished appropriately. The paper also considers the new sexual grooming offence enacted in 2007 and found in section 376E of the Penal Code, which can be used to respond to online child grooming attempts. Although there are not yet any reported cases using this offence provision, its drafting appears to allow the use of covert investigations where police assume the identity of a child.
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