ASLI Working Paper Series

Publication Title A Review of China's Private International Law During the 30-year Period of Reform and Opening-Up
Publisher Asian Law Institute
Series WPS002
Publication Date May 2009
Author/Speaker Wang Hui
Since the initiation of the process of reform and the ‘opening- up’ in 1978, the fate of China has changed. During the last 30 years, the country has achieved development on an unprecedented scale. The economy is soaring, and the legal system is constantly being improved. We can conclude that it is the policy of reform and opening-up which has brought the outside world to China, and that this policy has also allowed China to become acquainted with the rest of the world.

The last 30 years have also seen the development of China’s legal academy, as a result of which far greater research and a large number of improved practices have been promoted, including the development of private international law. China’s private international law system has become more complete and effective, particularly in light of the enactment of Chapter IX of the draft Civil Code. It is possible to forecast with some confidence that within the next 30 years the private international law of China will be one of the most prominent private international law systems in the world, both in terms of its structure and its content.
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