ASLI Working Paper Series

Publication Title Legal Analysis of Human Rights Protection in Times of Natural Disaster and Its Implementation in Indonesia
Publisher Asian Law Institute
Series WPS013
Publication Date Apr 2010
Author/Speaker Natalia Yeti Puspita
In the last decade, the occurrences of natural disasters in Indonesian territories have intensified. The latest big disaster reported was an earthquake of 7.6 on the Richter scale in West Sumatera which caused severe damage and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people. The enactment of law based on human rights has not been prioritized in disaster management, even though in managing disasters an understanding of law in the context of human rights protection is crucial at every stage – ie, the pre-disaster phase, the emergency phase and the post-disaster phase. A lack of understanding of the significance of human rights may postpone the implementation of humanitarian aid programs and even threaten the survival of victims. Law is needed to protect the vulnerable by providing safeguards against the illegal adoption of orphaned children, the trafficking of women and children, violation of marginal groups and discrimination in humanitarian aid distribution. This paper will analyze human rights protection in times of natural disaster, focusing on its implementation in Indonesia.
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