ASLI Working Paper Series

Publication Title Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone, The Model for Future China?
Publisher Asian Law Institute
Series WPS035
Publication Date May 2014
Author/Speaker Jiaxiang Hu
Unlike all previous Special Economic Zones (SEZs) which have, in one form or another, received some incentives from central government, the Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone (SFTPZ) has not been offered any preferential treatment. Instead, it has been encouraged to experiment with new innovative measures in administration. During the course of two to three years of piloting reforms, the SFTPZ will expedite the functional transformation of government through limiting administrative power, and it will also expand the opening up of service sectors by releasing limitations on market access. In addition, it will promote the reform of administrative regulations on foreign investment, develop the multinational corporation headquarter economy with more sophisticated facilities, and experiment with new forms of trade. The experience thus gained will offer new ideas and approaches to be used across the nation in the next round of economic reforms.
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