Centre for Asian Legal Studies

Message from the Director

Welcome to the website of the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law (NUS Law) Centre for Asian Legal Studies (CALS).

NUS Law is known as Asia's Global Law School. The scholarly pursuit of the issues that encompass Asian legal studies is one of the core missions of our world-renowned law school and CALS plays an important role in realising that strategic vision.

At NUS Law, Legal Systems of Asia is a required core course for all of our undergraduate students. Every member of our faculty has experience with an Asian legal system and a significant portion of our faculty regularly research and teach at the highest level on multiple Asian legal systems. NUS Law has played a seminal role in developing Asian legal scholarship from within Asia, through its leadership roles in the Asian Law Institute (ASLI), the Asian Journal of Comparative Law (AsJCL) and cutting edge research projects and visitors programs that have brought together the very best of what Asian legal studies has to offer. We do this all from the heart of Asia, in Singapore - a vibrant, diverse and fascinating success story that has been at the crossroads of Asian commerce for more than a century.

The vision of CALS is to utilize the strengths of NUS Law to become the world's leading centre for Asian legal studies. Our mission is to transform the way that people think about law in Asia and to positively influence the development of Asian legal systems in the process.

We welcome you to explore this webpage to see our vision and to join us in our exciting mission.

Dan W. Puchniak
Centre for Asian Legal Studies