Centre for Asian Legal Studies


Report No Title Name of Author Date
CALS 15-05 Human Rights and Businesses Sumitharan Dhanarajan & Claire Methven O'Brien Sept 2015
CALS 15-04 Human Rights and Businesses: Emergence and Development of the Field in Asia, Europe and Globally Sumitharan Dhanarajan & Claire Methven O'Brien Sept 2015
CALS 15-03 Malaysia's troubles just beginning Andrew James Harding Sep 2015
CALS 15-02 Vietnam Moves Cautiously on Constitutional Reform Bui Ngoc Son & Pip Nicholson Jun 2015
CALS 15-01 李光耀是专制社会的独裁者吗?
[Is Lee Kuan Yew a Dictator in of Authoritarian Regime]
Wang Jiangyu Mar 2015
CALS 14-05 Australia-Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Project Interim Report from the Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw Workshops Melissa Crouch Nov 2014
CALS 14-04 自治、主權與策略:香港問題的死活劫與出路
[Blog Commentary on Self-Governance, Sovereignty and Strategies: Hong Kong's Political Deadlock and Future Prospects]
Wang Jiangyu Oct 2014
CALS 14-03 李光耀的执政:霹雳手段 菩萨心肠
[Thunderbolt and Bodhisattva: Lee Kuan Yew's Governing Style]
Wang Jiangyu Mar 2015
CALS 14-02 李光耀眼里的新加坡和新加坡人
[Singapore and Singaporeans in the Eyes of Lee Kuan Yew]
Wang Jiangyu Mar 2015
CALS 14-01 奇正结合的博弈大棋局
[FTAAP and the Grand Games in International Relations of the Asia-Pacific]
Wang Jiangyu Mar 2015
CALS 13-02 Policy Paper: Trials of People Smugglers in Indonesia: 2007-2012 Melissa Crouch & Antje Missbach May 2013
CALS 13-01 Innovating Justice in Asia: The Courts of the Future 2013 CALS Event Report Jan 2013
CALS 12-01 The Role of Civil Liberties in Civil Society Activism for Social Justice in South East Asia CALS Event Report Dec 2012