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Nyi Nyi Kyaw  

Nyi Nyi KYAW
Post-doctoral Fellow
1 August 2016 - 31 December 2018

Nyi Nyi Kyaw was born and raised in Myanmar where he did his undergraduate studies. He did his postgraduate studies doing two masters degrees in international political economy and human rights & democratisation (Asia Pacific) at Nanyang Technological University and Sydney University respectively. He then joined the University of New South Wales to do his PhD. His research interests are law and religion, law and social movements, citizenship, human rights, constitutional politics and nationalism. He is mainly interested in how religion, social movements, and nationalism have affected law and citizenship in Myanmar. He has published articles on Buddhist nationalism, citizenship and Muslims in Myanmar.

At CALS, he will mainly work on how Buddhist nationalism has led to the passage of four race and religion laws in Myanmar, plus other projects on citizenship, constitutional politics, and human rights in Myanmar.

Email: lawnnk@nus.edu.sg
Phone: +65 6601 3445