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CHONG Siew Men  

CHONG Siew Men
Research Associate
31 July 2018 – 30 July 2019

Siew Men is a Research Associate at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies and an Associate Editor of the Asian Journal of Comparative Law. Her research interests include Asian law, comparative law, corporate law, financial services law, information technology law, and intellectual property law.

Siew Men trained and practised as a banking and financial disputes and corporate real estate lawyer at a leading Singapore law firm. Her most recent role was as a senior legal counsel at the central bank of Singapore, where she advised on legal aspects of its prudential supervision and central banking functions. Siew Men holds an LLB and LLM (Corporate and Financial Services Law) from the National University of Singapore.

Email : siewmen.chong@nus.edu.sg
Phone: +65 6601 7548