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Training Initiative for Asian Law & Society Scholars [TRIALS]


Law and society research, which involves the use of social science theories and methods to study law and legal institutions, is rapidly expanding in Asia, yet the demand by young scholars for in-depth training and mentoring vastly exceeds the capacity of academic institutions in Asia, the United States, and other world regions to provide it. TRIALS (Training Initiative for Asian Law and Society Scholars), supported by a major grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, aims to train the next generation of law and society scholars, who will devote their careers to research on law, society, and public policy in Asian societies. It will feature six workshops over a three-year period, each lasting four days. TRIALS faculty will be selected from among the world's leading law and society scholars and will offer mentoring and training in research methodologies, scholarly writing, preparation of manuscripts for publication, and career planning. For each workshop, TRIALS will select 8-10 participants who are aiming for careers in higher education or public or private research centers, a total of 50-60 advanced graduate students or junior academics over the three-year period. These participants may come from various Asian countries as well as the United States, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere in the world. The workshops will create lasting relationships within each of the cohorts and also between mentors and younger scholars that will continue for many years.

The content of each TRIALS workshop will be tailored to the interests and research methods of the specific participants involved, but all workshops will include the following elements:

» Overview of the law and society field and its literature, both contemporary and historical. Required readings will be circulated prior to the workshop
» Training in socio-legal research methods (quantitative, qualitative, archival, experimental, and others as appropriate)
» Presentations and critique sessions of work in progress submitted by each participant
» Lectures and advisement on writing and publication of law and society scholarship
» Career planning and professional strategies for law and society scholars of Asia

Individual follow-up activities involving faculty and workshop participants will continue after the workshop, particularly aimed at assisting with publication of manuscripts. All participants will be eligible to apply for one of the two subsequent follow-up workshops.

The first TRIALS workshop will be held on 9-12 December 2019 and the second on 29 June-2 July 2020. Applications will be open from 20 April to 20 June 2019 (click here for the online application). For the call for applications, click here. For inquiries, write to TRIALSNUSLaw@gmail.com.

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