Centre for Asian Legal Studies



Judge, Tokyo District Court
Visiting Senior Research Fellow
January 2018 - February 2018

Yoji Kawakatsu is currently a Judge at the Tokyo District Court. He studied at the Faculty of Arts of the University of British Columbia, Canada (1996-1997) and graduated from the Faculty of Law of Ritsumeikan University with a Bachelor of Laws. After passing the National Bar Examination and completing practical legal training at the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court, Judge Kawakatsu was appointed as a Judge in 2005 and received his first posting at the Nagoya District Court (2005-2008). He subsequently served as a stint as Staff Attorney while on secondment to the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Litigation Division (2008-2011), as well as judicial postings at the Tokyo District Court (2011-2013, 2015-present), and in Hokkaido at the Kushiro Family Court and Kushiro District Court, Kitami Branch (2013-2014), and Kitami and Abashiri Branches (2014-2015).

Judge Kawakatsu's publications include:

» Kaisha-soshō no Kiso [Basics of Corporate Lawsuits] (Saiban-jitsumu Shiriizu 6 [Lawsuit Practice series 6], Tōkyō: Shōjihōmu 2013) (to which he contributed as a member of the Tokyo District Court Commercial Affairs Study Group);
» 'Sōtenseiri-tetsuzuki ni okeru kōtōgiron no kasseika ni tsuite (2) [Revitalizing oral argument in pre-trial proceedings for the determination of issues to be contested at trial (2)]', Hanrei Times, No. 1437, 5 - 21 (Japan) (with Kenkichi Sakuma, Takahito Otake, Masahiro Ide and Hiroaki Yamada); and
» 'Amerika hōritsu kyōkai/Shihō tōitsu kokusai kyōkai: Kokusai minji soshō gensoku [ALI/UNIDROIT: Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure]' (translation), Hanrei Jihō, No. 1998, 3-19 (Japan) (to which he contributed as a member of the Nagoya Courts International Relations Law Study Group).

Judge Kawakatsu's research interests include the resolution of B2B disputes, and more broadly, the judicial resolution and arbitration of commercial disputes.