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CBFL Working Papers

WPS No Title Name of Author Version Date
CBFL-WP-JG03 Moneylending and Transparency: What Can We Learn from Consumer Experiences with Onelyst?

Jodi GARDNER 7 March 2017
CBFL-WP-HT01 An empirical look at the consequences of oppression actions in Singapore

Hans TJIO 6 February 2017
CBFL-WP-AL01 Excusable consent in duress

Alexander F H LOKE 21 February 2017
CBFL-WP-NG03 Banking Secrecy in Singapore and Its Impact on Pre-Action Asset Tracing

Nelson GOH 29 December 2016
CBFL-WP-LL01 Venture Capital Exits and the Structure of Stock Markets: Lessons from China

LIN Lin 7 December 2016
CBFL-WP-MD02 Capital Market Integration in the EU and ASEAN: The Rise of a New Competitive Landscape or an Opportunity to Consolidate Regional Markets?

Michelle DY 17 October 2016
CBFL-WP-MD01 Coordination Games: The Challenge of Pursuing a Financial Integration Project in ASEAN

Michelle DY 13 October 2016
CBFL-WP-FG03 Is high frequency trading fair? The case of order anticipation

Florian GAMPER 11 October 2016
CBFL-WP-JS04 The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as an Alternative MDB: A Competitor or a Compensator

SHENG Jin 6 July 2016
CBFL-WP-JD01 Micro- and Macro-Prudential Supervision. Is the Present Model of Financial Regulation Destructive?

Jan Hendrik DALHUISEN 15 September 2016
CBFL-WP-EA01 Fundamentals of Bank Supervision and the Lender of Last Resort in the Post-2008 Era: A Critical Appraisal and Forward Looking Recommendations

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Emilios AVGOULEAS 01 September 2016
CBFL-WP-PT01 An Examination of the Retail Investor Protection Framework in Malaysia

Petrina TAN 05 May 2016
CBFL-WP-JS03 China's Emerging Credit Rating Industry: Regulatory Issues and Practices

SHENG Jin 15 April 2016
CBFL-WP-MP01 Crisis Management and Orderly Resolution of banks in Canada and Internationally: A Perspective on Reforms and Challenges

Maziar PEIHANI 04 March 2016
CBFL-WP-JG01 Unsecured Credit, Moneylending & Protection of a Social Minimum in Singapore

Jodi GARDNER 19 February 2016
CBFL-WP-SJ02 China's Financial Holding Companies: Mixed Operation and Separate Supervision

SHENG Jin 03 February 2016
CBFL-WP-DA01 The Limits of Private Ordering Within Modern Financial Markets

Dan AWREY 03 February 2016
CBFL-WP-FG02 Why more is more - the benefits of requiring publicly listed companies to disclose raw data

Florian GAMPER 22 April 2016
CBFL-WP-FG01 Credit default swaps and the empty creditor hypothesis - if it ain't broke, don't fix it

Florian GAMPER 27 October 2015
CBFL-WP-DA02 The Mechanisms of Derivatives Market Efficiency

Dan AWREY 14 September 2015
CBFL-WP-RPP01 CMIM and ESM: ASEAN+3 and Eurozone Crisis Management and Resolution: Liquidity Provision in Comparative Perspective

Ramon PACHECO PARDO 25 August 2015
CBFL-WP-HY02 Public Enforcement for Private Gains: The SFC's Role in Investor Compensation

HU Ying 14 August 2015
CBFL-WP-HY01 Regulation of Equity Crowdfunding in Singapore

HU Ying 21 March 2015
CBFL-WP-CSY01 Should Beta Consumers Have Alpha Protection?

CHYE Shu Yi 25 October 2014
CBFL-WP-THC01 Structured Discretion in the Doctrine of Illegality: The Solution or Yet Another Attempt?

TAN Hong Chia 20 October 2014
CBFL-WP-JL01 A Facilitative Model for Crypto-Currency Regulation in Singapore

Jonathan LIM 18 October 2014
CBFL-WP-NG02 Banking Documentation and Contractual Estoppel: Commercially Sensible or Anomalous?

Nelson GOH Kian Thong 06 August 2014
CBFL-WP-PZH03 China & the Convergence of Securities Regulation

PEH Zu Hao 16 July 2014
CBFL-WP-KJX01 An Analysis of Deferred Compensation and Forfeiture Clauses Within the Restraint of Trade Doctrine in Singapore

KO Jian Xiang 09 April 2014
CBFL-WP-NG01 (Reverse Mortgage) Navigating the Minefield of Equity Release Products
Nelson GOH Kian Thong 05 March 2014
CBFL- WP-PZH01 Dealing with Perception: A Look at Overseas-listed Chinese Firms in Singapore
PEH Zu Hao 06 February 2014

Other Working Papers

WPS No Title Name of Author Date
2014/006 The Misuse and Abuse of the Corporate Form

NUS Law Copy | SSRN
TJIO Hans 21 May 2014
2014/001 The Protection of Minority Investors and the Compensation of their Losses: A Case Study of India

NUS Law Copy | SSRN
Umakanth VAROTTIL 11 Feb 2014
2013/003 The Impact of Globalization and Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions on the Legal Profession in India

Umakanth VAROTTIL 11 Dec 2012