Centre for Legal Theory

CLT Seminars

Date Paper Titles Presenters
18 October 2019 Reconsidering ‘Revolution by Constitution’: Law, Social Change, Justice
Mark Goodale
University of Lausanne
4 June 2019 Sino-British Conceptions of Extradition and Extraterritoriality in the 19th Century

Ivan Lee National University of Singapore
14 March 2019 The Basis of Authorities of Law under the Circumstances of Plurality of Laws
Tatsuya Yokohama
Shizuoka University

5 March 2019

Global Investment Rules as a Site for Moral Inquiry Steven Ratner
University of Michigan

18 August 2018 Logocratic Method
Scott Brewer
Harvard Law School
13 July 2018 Term Limits II: Express and Implied Terms Frederick Wilmot-Smith
University of Oxford
14 May 2018 Public and Private Distortions: the case against fiduciary models of state-indigenous relationships Nicole Roughan
London Science of Economics
21 April 2017 Fifty years after: The legacy of Ronald Dworkin’s Model of Rules
Nigam Nuggehalli
Azim Premji University
13 January 2017 Constitutional Pluralism: Chronicle of a Death Foretold? Michael A. Wilkinson
London Science of Economics
24 January 2017 The Oscar Wilde Trials, or the Interpretation of Legal Interpretation Marco Wan
The University of Hong Kong
20 October 2016 Crisis Law as Constitutional Law: In the Courts we trust? Constantinos Kombos
University of Cyprus
5 April 2016 Kant, Rights and Balancing Alec Stone Sweet
National University of Singapore
15 October 2015 Transnational Justice from the Perspective of ASEAN and Asian Regionalism He Baogang
Nanyang Technological University
16 September 2015 Public Reason and Constitutional Theory
Wojciech Sadurski
The University of Sydney
20 August 2015 The Private-Law Constitution
Hugh Collins
University of Oxford
Chantal Mak
University of Amsterdam
25 May 2015 The Current Condition and Future Directions of Legal Theory
Maksymilian Del Mar
Queen Mary University of London
27 April 2015 The Mystery of the State: State-concept, State-theory and State-making in Michael Oakeshott & Carl Schmitt
Nehal Bhuta
European University Institute
12 March 2015 Reducing Homicide Globally by 50% in the Next 30 years
Universal Mechanisms and Evidence-Based Policy

Manuel Eisner
University of Cambridge
24 February 2015  Causation and Contribution
Robert Stevens
University of Oxford
27 January 2015 The Other 'Separability Thesis': Why Don't Legal Theory and Comparative Law Talk to One Another?
John Gillespie
Monash University
21 August 2014 The Battle for the Euro: The German Federal Constitutional Court vs. the European Central Bank

Michael Wilkinson
London School of Economics
April 2014 Macaulay, Codification and the Indian Penal Code: A Study in Reputation

Sundram Soosay
National University of Singapore
November 2013 Promise Made Pure

Daniel Markovits
Yale Law School
September 2013 Thinking about Justice

Mathias Risse
Harvard University
August 2013 It's Only Words: On Meaning and Mens Rea
[See (2013) 72 Cambridge Law Journal 155]
Findlay Stark
University of Cambridge
May 2013 Dworkin and the Common Law

Sundram Soosay
National University of Singapore
March 2013 We All Make Mistakes: A 'Duty Of Virtue' Theory of Restitutionary Liability for Mistaken Payments
James Penner
University College London
February 2013 Why Constitutional Rights Matter

Alon Harel
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
July 2012 The Normativity of Law

Liam Murphy
New York University