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Illegality in Marine Insurance Law

WANG Feng, Illegality in Marine Insurance Law (Informa Law from Routledge,2017)

CML is delighted to announce the publication of Dr Wang Feng's Illegality in Marine Insurance Law by Informa Law from Routledge. This is the first book which deals specifically with illegality in the context of marine insurance law. This is an issue that has only ever been covered partially within analysis and criticism of section 41 of the UK Marine Insurance Act 1906 and warranties. Dr Wang Feng goes much further by considering the impact of illegality on the common law relevant to marine insurance in many jurisdictions worldwide. The book addresses the question whether the existing law represents an accurate codification of the former authorities and whether section 41 truly reflects existing legal principles. It also examines how correctly to approach illegality within the context of marine insurance, considering the fundamental changes to the rule concerning breach of warranty introduced by the UK Insurance Act 2015.

More on Dr Wang can be found here.

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