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2018 Mar CML Lunchtime Seminar: Oil Pollution in Singapore Waters

7 March 2018 (Executive Seminar Room, NUS Law)

Speakers: Capt Ajit Karande
Geoff Holland
Jainil Bhandari
2018 Feb CML Seminar Series: Making Sense of the Two Faces of Seaworthiness by Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Dr Michael Sevel

22 February 2018 (Maxwell Chambers)

2018 Jan CML Seminar Series: Crimes on Board Ships at Sea by Visiting Professor Kate Lewins

25 January 2018 (Amara Singapore)

2017 Nov Round Table Discussion on Modernising the Present Legal Regime Governing the International Carriage of Goods (by invitation only)

27 November 2017 (Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP)

2017 Oct Singapore Shipping Law Forum, "Bringing Carriage of Goods into the Twenty-First Century" by Professor Michael F Sturley

26 October 2017 (Sofitel Singapore City Centre)

2017 Sep Short Course: The Law and Practice of Marine Insurance by Visiting Associate Professor, Dr Steven Hazelwood

7 September 2017 (Maxwell Chambers)

2017 Aug Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "Public and Private Standards and Conformity of Goods in Sale of Goods" by By Visiting Professor Djakhongir Saidov

29 August 2017 (Maxwell Chambers)

  Short Course: Recent Developments in Letters of Credit by Visiting Associate Professor, Christopher Hare

12 August 2017 (Executive Seminar Room, NUS Law)

2017 Jul Multimodal Transport Law: Systems and Rules by Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Dr Michiel Spanjaart

20 July 2017 (Maxwell Chambers)

2017 Jun 18th Annual International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot Competition 2017 (IMLAM)

30 June - 5 July 2017

2017 Mar CML Working Paper Series (WPS) Workshop

27 March 2017 (CML Office)
- By invitation only

2017 Feb CML Lunchtime Seminar: "Fire on board! An insight into ship casualties"

8 February 2017 (Executive Seminar Room, NUS Law)

Speakers: Capt Ajit Karande
Capt Harry Hirst
Dr Darren Holling
2017 Jan Delivery of Goods under Bills of Lading by Visiting Associate Professor Anders Møllmann

24 January 2017 (Maxwell Chambers)

2016 Dec Marine Insurance: Recent Developments in England by Professor Robert Merkin QC

2 December 2016 (Maxwell Chambers)

2016 Nov Colloquium on the Arrest Conventions 1952 and 1999 (by invitation only)

28-29 November 2016 (Lee Sheridan Conference Room, NUS Law)

2016 Oct CML Lunchtime Seminar with Mr Marco Crusafio

26 October 2016 (Executive Seminar Room, NUS Law)

  Book Launch, "Illegality in Marine Insurance Law" by Dr Wang Feng

14 October 2016 (Maxwell Chambers)

2016 Sep IMO WORLD MARITIME DAY 2016, "Shipping: Indispensable to the World" by Mr Martin Marini

22 September 2016 (Manasseh Meyer SR2-1)

  The UK Insurance Act 2015 and The Duty of Utmost Good Faith by Dr Steven Hazelwood

1 September 2016 (Maxwell Chambers)

2016 Aug LLM (Maritime Law) / GDMLA Student and Alumni Networking Dinner

19 August 2016

  Exclusion of Liability for Consequential Loss - Comparative Perspectives by Mr Greg Gordon

18 August 2016 (Maxwell Chambers)

2016 Jul Foreign Anti-Suit Injunctions in China by Dr Zhao Liang

21 July 2016 (Maxwell Chambers)

2016 Apr MPA Professorship Inaugural Lecture, "The Safe Port in Maritime Law: Decade of Certainty or Muddier Waters?" by Professor Stephen Girvin

22 April 2016 (PARKROYAL on Pickering)

2016 Mar Chinese Maritime Law: A Brief Introduction by Professor Jason Chuah

23 March 2016

  Visit A Law Firm: Allen & Gledhill LLP

11 Mar 2016

  Developments in Letters of Credit Law by Professor Jason Chuah

10 Mar 2016 (Maxwell Chambers)

2016 Feb Choice of Law in Maritime Arbitration by Professor Jason Chuah

18 Feb 2016 (Maxwell Chambers)

2015 Dec Global Shipping Law Forum 2015: Indemnities and Guarantees in Maritime Law

7-8 Dec 2015, Singapore (Lee Sheridan Conference Room, NUS Law)
- By invitation only

2015 Sep Official Launch of Centre for Maritime Law with Keynote, "Maritime Law in Singapore and Beyond - Its Origins, Influence and Importance" by the Honourable Justice Stephen Chong

Thursday 03 Sep 2015 (Raffles Hotel)

2015 Aug Standardisation of Oil and Gas Law: The Emergence of Transnational Layers of Governance? By MPA Visiting Professor Djakhongir Saidov

Wednesday 19 Aug 2015 (Maxwell Chambers)

  Bills of Lading Act, Cap. 384 by MPA Visiting Professor Michiel Spanjaart

Wednesday 05 Aug 2015 (Carlton City Hotel)

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