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Víctor Hugo Chacón  

Víctor Hugo Chacón
Senior Research Fellow

Dr Víctor Chacón was, until 2018, "Docente" (Professor) at the Universidad Marítima Internacional de Panamá (UMIP). He has also been a practising lawyer for over 13 years before the Maritime Courts of the Republic of Panama, handling claims related cargo losses and damages, personal injuries, ship suppliers and ship collisions, among others. He has a law degree from the University of Panamá and an LLM (Maritime Law) summa cum laude from the Catholic University of Santa Maria of Antigua. He earned his Dr Jur degree, magna cum laude, from the University of Hamburg/International Max Planck Research School for Maritime Affairs in 2016 and his doctorate was published by Springer as The Due Diligence in Maritime Transportation in the Technological Era (Springer, 2017).

Víctor was a Visiting Senior Research Fellow in CML from 4 April 2018 to 1 August 2018.

Research Interests

» Carriage of goods by sea
» Seaworthiness and technology
» Enforcement of maritime claims
» Maritime liens

Research Projects

Developments in the Law of Maritime Liens: Maritime liens are a most effective instrument for securing the claims of creditors, including the master and crew, salvors, and other shipowners. The rights of such maritime lienees become particularly relevant when other creditors, such as banks, also seek a remedy against the same shipowners. The evolution of international trade and the prospect of the introduction of new technologies in the shipping industry has put maritime liens under renewed scrutiny. In addition, the international trade crisis, from which the shipping industry is still recovering, has brought about new challenges for those creditors seeking to enforce maritime liens. This comparative study addresses developments in the law of maritime liens in four major jurisdictions: Germany, Panama, Singapore, and the USA.



» "Ship Arrest in the Republic of Panama and its Harmonization with International Law", (2019) 50 Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce 185-234


» The Due Diligence in Maritime Transportation in the Technological Era (Springer, 2017)

Working Papers:

» "Ship arrest in the Republic of Panama and its harmonisation with international law", (2018) CML Working Paper Series, CML-WPS-1709


» "The Sea Carriers Liability for Failures in the Application of Technology" II Scientific Congress, International Maritime University of Panama, 16 October 2018
» "The Ship Arrest System in the Republic of Panama" CML Seminar Series, 26 July 2018
» "Due Diligence Under the Hague Rules in the Technological Era" CML Seminar Series, 22 May 2018
» "Legal framework for establishing Off-shore Windfarms in Panama", International Maritime University of Panama - Conference on Energy Efficiency, Panama, 14 March 2018
» "The Impact of Technology in the Concept of Ship Seaworthiness", Pan-American Institute of Naval Engineering (IPIN) - XXV Pan-American Congress of Naval Engineering, Maritime Transport and Port Engineering, Panama, 18 October 2017
» "The Expert Witness Evidence in the Maritime Procedure of Panama", and "Proposed Amendments to the Code of Maritime Procedure" Court of Maritime Appeals of Panama and the Higher Institute of the Judiciary of Panama, Panama, 28 and 31 March 2017
» "Due Diligence in Maritime Transportation and Technological Disruptions", Panama Maritime XIV World Conference & Exhibition, Panama City (17-20 March 2019)
» "Comparative Study of the Ship Arrest System in Panama", Supreme Court of Justice and the Maritime Courts of Appeals of Panama, Panama City (21 March 2019)

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