Faculty Level Donated Bursaries

Allen & Gledhill Bursary

An anonymous donor made a gift of $150,000 to establish a bursary for NUS Law undergraduates. The donor is an NUS Law alumna and was a senior partner of Allen & Gledhill LLP who retired from the law firm at the end of 2009.

Chew Gek Khim Bursary
Ms Chew Gek Khim ’84, an NUS Law alumna and prominent figure in business, made a gift to NUS Law to establish an endowed bursary to help financially disadvantaged law students.


Class of 1982 Bursary

The NUS Law Class of 1982 celebrated their 30th anniversary at NUS Law on 1 Dec 2012. To mark the occasion, the class raised more than $200,000 at the event itself to establish the Class of 1982 Bursary.


Class of 1983 Bursary

The NUS Law Class of 1983 commemorated their 30th anniversary by coming together to establish the Class of 1983 Bursary.


Class of 1985 Bursary

The NUS Law Class of 1985 pooled their efforts to raise money for a bursary for needy students at their 20th anniversary reunion on 20 May 2005. At the reunion, they surprised the then Dean with a big cheque for $30,500 to establish the Class of 1985 Bursary.


Class of 1987 Bursary

The NUS Law Class of 1987 celebrated their 20th anniversary with a reunion dinner on 3 Aug 2007 and raised almost $30,000 to establish the Class of 1987 Bursary.


Class of 1992 Bursary
To commemorate their 25th anniversary in 2017, the NUS Law Class of 1992 established a bursary to help less privileged law students.

E. W. Barker Bursary
The EW Barker Bursary was set up in honour of the late Mr Edmund William Barker, Singapore's longest serving Minister of Law, to help needy undergraduate students at NUS Law pursue their education.

Class of 1993 Bursary

The alumni from the Class of 1993 raised funds to establish the Class of 1993 Bursary to mark the 20th anniversary of their graduation from NUS Law.


Ella Cheong Bursary

The bursary is part of a $1,000,000 gift from Hong Kong lawyer Ms Ella Cheong to support financially needy students in NUS Law.


Faculty of Law Bursary

An anonymous donor made a gift to establish a bursary for undergraduates at NUS Law. The gift allows NUS Law to award one bursary to an incoming student or undergraduate annually.


Helen Yeo Bursary

Mrs Helen Yeo ’74, an NUS Law alumna and a veteran of the legal industry with 36 years of experience, made a gift of $200,000 to NUS Law for the purpose of establishing a bursary.


John & Lydia Ewing-Chow Bursary
Mr & Mrs John & Lydia Ewing-Chow are both alumni from the NUS Faculty of Science. Mr & Mrs Ewing-Chow were both recipients of bursaries during their undergraduate days at NUS, and wish to give back to the University to help needy students who are facing similar difficulties.

Kwa Geok Choo Bursary

NUS Law established the Kwa Geok Choo Bursary to assist financially disadvantaged NUS Law students.


Nesadevi Sandrasegara Bursary
The Nesadevi Sandrasegara Bursary was established with a gift of S$250,000. Mdm Nesadevi Sandrasegara is an alumna from NUS Law’s pioneer class of 1961. Recipients of the Bursary will be encouraged to give back to the community through social service.

NUS Law Student Bursary
An anonymous NUS Law alumna made a significant gift to set up the endowed NUS Law Student Bursary to help financially disadvantaged law students.

Saw Swee Hock Bursary
The Saw Swee Hock Bursary was established by Professor Saw Swee Hock in Academic Year 2005/2006 with an initial donation of $240,000 to the University. This bursary is awarded to needy undergraduate students in their final year of any bachelor degree programme. For the Academic Year 2016/2017, Professor Saw has allocated three bursaries of $2,000 each to three final year students from NUS Law who are facing financial difficulties.

Tan Han Boon Bursary

This Bursary was established by Mr Tan Chong Huat, ’89 and is named in honour of his late father, Mr Tan Han Boon.


Tommy Koh Bursary

This bursary was made possible by Mr Francis Ng and Mrs Madeleine Ng, parents of one of NUS Law’s alumni. They named the bursary after Prof Tommy Koh in recognition of his contributions to NUS and Singapore.

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