HALPIN, Andrew


D.Phil. M.A. (Oxford)

Director of the Centre for Legal Theory
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Office Address

Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
Eu Tong Sen Building
469G Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259776
Research Interests

Legal Theory, with particular interests in rights, legal reasoning, law and related disciplines, and general/global jurisprudence.

Subjects Taught

Introduction to Legal Theory
Global Legal Orders: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Graduate Research Seminar

Brief Biodata

Andrew Halpin joined the Faculty in January 2012. He previously held chairs in legal theory at the University of Southampton and Swansea University.

He completed his undergraduate studies and doctoral research at Oxford University, his thesis forming the basis for Rights and Law - Analysis and Theory (1997). His subsequent books are Reasoning with Law (2001), Definition in the Criminal Law (2004), and two coedited collections, Theorising the Global Legal Order (2009), In Pursuit of Pluralist Jurisprudence (2017). While at Southampton he held a British Academy Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship, and at Swansea posts of Director of Research and Head of School.

Professor Halpin's research interests have extended into areas of Criminal Law, Roman Law and Tort but fall mainly within legal theory, broadly conceived. His research has explored perspectives on law from other disciplines - logic, philosophy of language, politics, and economics - and confronted novel legal phenomena arising in a global context.

Representative Publications

1."The Promises and Pursuits of Pluralist Jurisprudence" in Nicole Roughan and Andrew Halpin eds., In Pursuit of Pluralist Jurisprudence (Cambridge University Press, 2017) 326-366 (with Nicole Roughan)

2. "The Applications of Bivalent Logic, and the Misapplication of Multivalent Logic to Law" in H Patrick Glenn and Lionel Smith eds., Law and the New Logics (Cambridge University Press, 2017) 208-235

3. "Questioning a Uniform Concept of Public Law" (2016) 16 Jus Politicum : Revue de droit politique 91-109

4. "Austin's Methodology? His Bequest to Jurisprudence" (2011) 70 Cambridge Law Journal 175-202

5. "Coase's world and Coase's blackboard" (2011) 31 European Journal of Law and Economics 91-109

6. "Rights, Duties, Liabilities, and Hohfeld" (2007) 13 Legal Theory 23-39

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